comeonComeOn is a leading online gaming, bookmaking and betting site offering a variety of games from sports, live casino, casino games, live betting and poker. Operating from Malta, the site offers a wide range of instant games that you can play and bet on.

Claim £10 Free Bet

Conforming to European Union standards on gaming and betting, the site has created various fair play and understandable bonus rules to help players get a reasonable chance of winning. As the site says, “it works hard for you, and as customers, you are integral for them.”

What is unique about ComeOn is its no-nonsense approach to gaming and betting. With honest policies and a fun site to hang out on during your free time, ComeOn believes in keeping things simple. Hence, its “No Shakespeare, No Einstein” policies are created to make life easy for customers.

Free Bet and Bonus

New comers to the site get a £25/€25 bonus on signing up. You can wage this amount in the casino or sports games or a combination of both. Promotions do not end here for new comers and regular members.

You earn points for every activity on this site, whether you log in, deposit any amount to your account or even withdraw your money. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for later.

On this site, bonuses are easy to understand, because they are fair, simple and easy. The balance in your account is divided between real money and bonus money. You can cash out your real money anytime, while the bonus money has a lock-in period, equivalent to the time for satisfying the bonus criteria. As you play, your bonus money converts and gets added to real money, allowing you to redeem at your convenience.

Sports Games on Offer

The site specialises in sports betting, and all major sports games are featured on the site. Numerous events such as Premier League, horseracing events, golf tours, and others are featured on the site. Sports games that are extensively covered include tennis, table tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, rugby league, golf, football/soccer, and many others.

Horseracing and football have a major presence on this site, and customers can bet while a game is in-play or otherwise. Live betting makes life interesting for customers, and they can bet on a player or team while the game is on.

With the Wimbledon and French Opens around the corner, you are sure to bet wisely on the matches that will be played soon. Live betting offers you pre-match analysis and live previews of matches and events in progress. You can use a combination of your intuition and a little logic to bet wisely.

Don’t be fixated only on the sports games, since there is much more that this site offers. Poker, live casino and casino games are sure to keep your money busy, and you can widen your portfolio to lessen your risk while betting.

Customer Support and Banking & Security

Innovation is one of the hallmarks of ComeOn. With an account, you can take advantage of ComeOn’s Single Wallet cashier system, so that you have no confusion regarding your money, since it’s only one amount that you deal with.

Located on a European Island, you’ll find that the site offers 24/7 support. Customer support can be accessed through email or phone, in addition to the live chat option. The live chat option gives you help at the time of your need.

If you are worried about the confidentiality of your data, just relax. Your data, financial and personal is in perfectly safe hands. Remember, the systems used in ComeOn are simple and easy, but very robust. No wonder, the security systems are more robust than those of many banks.

Final Verdict

With robust security systems to take care of your personal and financial data, you’ll be sure that you’re in safe hands. The single wallet cashier system makes life easier and you can use it to bet on a wide range of sports games, casino and poker. Without much ado, sign up and enjoy watching your money work for you.

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